RWCMD Atmospheres 2018

Creative Designer
collaboration with Georgina Illingworth and James Horne

Venue: Richard Burton Theatre, RWCMD, Cardiff
Director/Composer: Ali Gray
Stage Manager: Phoebe Eldekvist
Lighting Design: Joe Fletcher


A part of RWCMD's Atmospheres performances Deer Hunt was an immersive experience that played on role reversal - where the audience discovered the deer were no longer the Prey. 

As part of the creative team I made several paper cut masks, before designing my own mask and becoming a deer for the performance. I collaborated with Georgina on a fourth mask for fellow performer Alex Pipkin.

The mask's designs were inspired by materials, textures and decay. I referenced marble statues with peeling golf leaf and black mould. Alex's mask was based around rock that had been cut open to reveal raw gemstones inside.

Photography | Sam Smith