Costume Designer

Venue: Leicester Square Theatre, London

Produced by: James Murfitt and Issy Wroe Wright

Directed by: Katy Baker

Written by: Lewis Ironside

Musical Director: Charlotte Brooke

Photographs: Rah Petherbrdge Photography and Lucy Fowler


An hour's performance of a Dicken's christmas classic. This production saw 6 actors perform 'A Christmas Carol' one of whom was considerably inebriated before the curtain went up. 
The emcee was on hand to keep the drunk from going to far astray, provide a bucket, or if needs be ply with more drink. 

This production was an enjoyable challenge to design as the cast performed several character tracks between them. Costumes need to be functional, flexible and a Dickensian fashionable. I most enjoyed bringing the selection of spirits to life (the ghosts, not the liquors) involving fairy lights, marabu and 17 metres of tulle.